Meet the Team


Kelsey D'Amore, M.S., LPC, Registered Play Therapist, EMDR Trained

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Shannon Kouser, M.S., LPC

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Katherine "Katie" Dunham, M.S., LPC, Registered Play Therapist, EMDR Trained

Stabler and Mosby, CGC Certified

Connect to Thrive, LLC was founded by Kelsey D'Amore and Katie Dunham. The universe brought Kelsey and Katie together while they were both working to gain the 3,000 hours required for LPC licensure. Their shared love for pups (Mosby and Stabler are BROTHERS) and helping children gave them the courage to create a unique space together to help families connect and thrive

Connect to Thrive, LLC offers space and support services to the mental health providers in this office. No partnership or other business entity relationship exists between Connect to Thrive, LLC and these providers.  Each independent licensed therapist who offices at Connect to Thrive, LLC is solely responsible for the services they provide and the manner in which they are performed and are not agents or employees of Connect to Thrive, LLC.

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