frequently asked questions

How do I initiate services?

Please fill out a contact form or call (972) 872-8498 for more information about our counseling services and to set up an intake appointment.

How much does therapy cost?

Intake appointment (90 minutes) - $175 Individual, family, parent consult appointment (45-55 minutes) - $135 If you are planning to use insurance, your therapist will let you know your co-pay and benefits information prior to your first appointment.

Do you require both parents' consent?

Yes, we require both parents complete a consent form in order for your child or teen to receive services. We encourage parents to be actively involved in the counseling process with their kiddo.

How long is an appointment and how often will I see a therapist?

Intake appointment - 60-90 minutes Child/teen appointment - 45-55 minutes Adult appointment - 50-60 minutes We encourage weekly appointments, as growth and change occur with consistency. Frequency of counseling sessions is dependent on treatment goals, availability, and other factors.

If I bring my child during the day, what do I do about school?

We work closely with schools and provide excuse notes so your child is not penalized. Most schools are flexible and understanding of the counseling process.

Do you take insurance?

All of our therapists are in network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO plans and United Healthcare. Erin and Shannon are in network with Cigna PPO plans. We will submit in-network insurance claims on your behalf. We will let you know your co-pay/co-insurance prior to your intake appointment. We recommend you research your policy prior to the first appointment in order to ensure understanding of fees. We are out of network with Aetna and Cigna (with the exception of Erin and Shannon). We will provide monthly statements/superbills for you to submit to your insurance company to receive reimbursement. It is your responsibility to know your out of network benefits.

What is your address and how do I get to your office?

We are located at 6300 Stonewood Dr. Suites 106B and D, Plano, Texas 75024. If you are coming from Spring Creek, turn on Stonewood and make a right turn in the second turn in. We are located in Building 1 at the very end of the row on the left. You will see our sign hanging above the door. If you are coming from Coit, you can turn right on Stonewood immediately after the Whataburger. Take Stonewood around the bend, and turn left at the blue "Vision" sign. We are located in Building 1 at the very end of the row on the left. You will see a sign our sign hanging above the door. Our waiting room is located in Suite D. Have a seat and your therapist will come out to get you!

What is an intake appointment and what will I need to bring?

An intake appointment is the first appointment scheduled to meet your therapist and make sure our office is the best fit for your family. Your therapist will send your intake paperwork to you via email. Please complete this paperwork at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. At the intake appointment, you can plan to review paperwork, presenting concerns, questions about counseling, and our office policies. You and your therapist will discuss and establish a treatment plan to best suit your needs. If you are planning to receive services for your child, please do not bring them to the intake appointment as we do not provide childcare.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please email your therapist or call (972) 872-8498 to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We do have a 24 hour no show/late cancel policy, asking for at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Any appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours or no showed will be charged a $100 fee. Please note this fee is not covered by insurance policies. We do ask that if your child is sick you reschedule your appointment or cancel session.

How do I talk to my child about coming to therapy?

We encourage parents to tell their child they will be having "special play time" with a special person (either Miss Kelsey, Miss Katie, or Miss Erin). Most kiddos will ask "why" and you can explain their special play time is a time to play with toys in many ways they like. Here is a video that you may show your child to explain what play therapy is:

What age populations do you see?

We see clients of all ages, ranging from children as young as three all the way up to late adulthood.