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play therapy

A special kind of counseling that helps children use toys as their words and play as their language to express feelings and work through struggles. 

pre-teen & teen therapy

Teenagers benefit from a variety of treatment modalities, including activity therapy, expressive arts, talk therapy, and sand tray therapy. 

adult therapy &

parenting support

We help parents understand, connect, and support their kids. Adults can benefit from various treatment approaches to best suit their needs. 


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a unique treatment modality for all ages that addresses trauma or emotionally charged events. 

animal assisted therapy

Animals connect us to our emotions and support clients of all ages through the counseling process. Our dogs are specifically trained and tested to provide comfort and healing to all.


Groups offer corrective experiences for children to therapeutically work through big feelings. Group work can increase emotional intelligence, build self-esteem, build coping skills, and practice expressing feelings.

psychotherapeutic yoga

Clients of all ages can learn grounding techniques, mindfulness skills, mindful movement, connection of breath with movement, and meditation.

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