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Stabler's Important Job, Cover

Our very own, Kelsey D'Amore, MS, LPC-S, Registered Play Therapist, wrote a book about our first therapy dog, Stabler. He left us suddenly and unexpectedly in February of 2021, shocking all our clients that knew him. Kelsey wrote this book with the hope of preserving his memory and to provide understanding of grief and loss for children.

Check it out on Amazon here:

Reviewers on Amazon are saying:

"Although the star of the book is a dog named Stabler, this book can help process the loss of any loved one, whether they have two legs or four. I would recommend this to any parent/teacher/therapist who works with children experiencing grief."

"This is an amazing book to explore grief/loss with kiddos (and adults). Such a needed resource!"

Stabler's Important Job Photo- Kelsey
Stabler, Therapy dog, Artwork
Stabler, Therapy Dog
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