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somatic experiencing®️

When humans experience trauma or painful life experiences, our nervous systems respond in ways that is crucial for our survival. It is helpful for our bodies to do this at the time and survive the traumatic event, but it can leave distressing impacts on our bodies and day to day life.

Somatic Experiencing®️ (SE) assists clients with reconnecting to their bodies and moving trauma through the body, so it no longer causes distress. The goal of SE is to build capacity for distress tolerance, so we are better able to heal from these traumatic events. 


You can read more about SE on the Somatic Experiencing®️ International page here:

To become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a provider must complete the 3 year training program consisting of twelve 24 hour training modules, multiple hours of consultation, and multiple hours of the provider's own SE sessions for personal development. We are proud to say three of our providers are on this journey and are currently offering this service as they strive to earn their SEP.

somatic experiencing®️
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